Application mobile : Application WPGYM – Application mobile pour le système WordPress Gym

combiner avec wp gym - solution complète de gym web et mobile

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Membre [email protected] membre

Application WordPress du système de gestion WPGym
Application du système de gestion GYM pour Android

greffon wordpress du système de gestion de classe

Mettre à jour l’historique

  • 14-11-2022

    -Push notification related issue fixed.
    -PDF cache-related issue solved and view on webview.
    -Document updated - Steps reference video added.
  • 26-09-2022

    - Implemented notification functionality.
    - Fixed staff member user design and feature-related bugs.
  • 24-06-2022

    - Implement Redux functionality.
    - Improved Application Performance.
    - Centralized all CSS and called dynamically.
    - Code cleaning.
  • 02-06-2022

    -Update dropdown package with multi-select function.
    -Fixed some package and code-related warnings and errors.
    -Fixed IOS sdk version related issue. 
    -Fixed design related issues.
    -Fixed feature related bugs.
    -API changes
  • 21-05-2022

    -Class booking feature added - Member side.
    -Staff member login enabled.
    -Documentation updated - Added installation videos.
    -Fixed design-related issues.
    -Fixed feature related bugs.
    -Fixed language translation bugs.
  • 26-04-2022

    - Fixed design related issues.
    - Fixed feature related bugs.
    - Update language translation.
    - Remove some unnecessary codes and packages.
  • 16-03-2022

    - Design and Feature bugs solved.
    - Fix app crash related issues.
    - API change.
    - Updated Documentation.
  • 09-08-2021

    - Design and Feature bugs solved.
    -Language related issue solved. 
    -Implement Access Right.
  • 24-06-2021

    -Fixed some Design bugs.
    -Language related issue solved.
    -Added back handler alert message on login screen.
    -Added option to update measurement.  
  • 22-06-2021

    - Initial Release


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